Book a marina berth on the fly with new Marina Exchange App

Sometimes “any port in a storm” isn’t the port you want. Imagine being able to book a marina berth on the fly and make sure you get all the facilities you want. That’s the service that Marina Exchange brings with their new iOS and Android App.

Set to change the way boat owners interact with commercial marinas, users of the Marina Exchange App have the choice of booking a marina berth in advance or finding one at the last minute, anywhere in Australia.

The App is easy to use and once your boat details are set up, all marina pens available will, fit your boat then it’s an easy search to find the spot you want to stop for the night. With a couple of clicks your marina berth is guaranteed and the dockmaster has your details seamlessly.

Marina Exchange owners, Alister Copley and Carl Crafoord, are proud that the Marina Exchange App achieves a long term goal of making it easier and enjoyable for boat owners to get more use of their boats with a lot less hassle.

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