Parramatta River Sailing Club's 2016-17 season has wrapped up

Parramatta River Sailing Club's 2016-17 season has wrapped up with the Saturday autumn, special trophies and club championship series, along with the Wednesday twilight series B races.

In Division 1 for the autumn series the Adams10.6 Still Festering (Pat O’Brien) with two heat wins won from the Etchells22 Axis of Evil (Geoff Dempsey) with the Ross930 Resurgent (Rob and Phil Widders) in third. These positions remained for the whole season club championship, with only four points between the placings. For the special trophy series Still Festering won with four wins, from Resurgent and Axis of Evil, both chalking up a win.

In Division 3 for the autumn series the Farr727 Farrago (Barry Heaton) carded two heat wins to head off the Crossfire20 Xena Warrior Princess (Carolyn Howe), followed by the Hutton24 Memphis (James Patterson). For the special trophies series and the club championship the first two places were the same, with the Compass750 A Fine Balance (Noel Wallis) in third.

In the twilight combined fleet series B the Jarkan925 Addictive (Bruce Nicholson) won with three heat wins from Still Festering and the Cord32 Hot Stuff (Len Player).

Still Festering capped off a rampant season winning the six heat combined west harbour clubs summer series against a crack fleet. Entering two series heats as visitors, Resurgent carded a win and Farrago (pictured) a second.

The club’s presentation night is 6th May and the winter series starts 20th May – for full details see the club's website.

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