Sailing into New Safety Partnership

Transport for NSW today announced a new partnership with Australian Sailing to help spread safe boating messages to the recreational boating community.

“We are delighted to join forces with Australian Sailing to encourage people to get out for a fun day on the water, but at the same time, making sure they get back to land safely,” Neil Patchett, from Transport's Centre for Maritime Safety, said.

“Sadly, last year, 10 people lost their lives and 44 were seriously injured while they were out in recreational boats on our state’s waterways.

“Many of these life-changing tragedies could have been prevented, and with the collaboration of the boating public through safety partners such as Australian Sailing, there is a genuine opportunity to improve safety outcomes on our waterways.”

Australian Sailing represents 20,000 members and 120 clubs in NSW alone, and also hosts major events including the Sail Sydney Regatta and Youth Championships.

“Safety is one of the key priorities for Australian Sailing and we are always keen to collaborate to ensure those on the water remain safe,” Australian Sailing CEO Matt Carroll said.

“We are very pleased to be working with Transport for NSW so together we can reach more people and encourage them to stay updated with the latest information.”

Increasing lifejacket wear rates and reducing fatalities and serious injuries is the NSW Government’s number one maritime safety priority.

”Wearing a modern, comfortable lifejacket can save your life, and by partnering with Australian Sailing, we hope we can use their reach and influence to further promote safe, responsible and enjoyable boating,” Mr Patchett said.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring our waterways remain safe and accessible, and to encourage a culture of safer boating in NSW to save lives and prevent serious injury.

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