ShipShape app - new version released for smartphones and tablets

Intelligent Maintenance is delighted to announce the launch of the new multi-device version of its popular ShipShape app to replace ShipShape for iPad.

As smartphones have become the ‘weapon of choice’ an increasing number of customers were asking for a smartphone version.

Enter new and revised ShipShape!

New ShipShape works on Apple iPhone and iPad and on the majority of Android smartphones and tablets.

ShipShape is packed with features
• Boat details: Essential boat information
• Trips: When, Where, Who, What happened
• What’s aboard: What you’ve got, where it is, what it looks like
• Costs: Details, types, amounts and totals
• Things to do: See what needs doing and when
• Checklists: Choose from pre-sets or create your own
• Reports: Reports for everything to print and email
• Multi-boat: Use it for one boat or many

Sailor Adrian Stanway, the developer, says, “One of the major benefits of having thousands of existing customers for our boating Apps is that they tell us their needs. We love that. It let’s us build products that are based on input from all types of boaters and give people what they really want and will actually use”.

ShipShape is free to download in the App Store and on Google Play so that people can try the app on a limited entry basis. A 12 month unlimited entry subscription can be purchased in-app for $9.99/£9.99.

Everything and anything in the app can be shared with whoever needs the information - concierge service, boatyard, friends. ShipShape makes communicating with others easy and efficient.

IM customers say that ShipShape can easily pay for itself many times over. Think doing timely maintenance; assigning tasks to others so they actually get done; not buying things you already have.

See ShipShape in the App Store or on Google Play

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