The perfect one style fits all summer sandal launches at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show with Quality Marine Clothing

Move over Birkenstocks and Crocs, here’s a one style fits all sandal that is comfy, looks good, does good and is here in time for summer.

The Submariner Sandal is inspired by the standard issue sandal for the British Royal Navy 30 years ago, and for every pair sold, five books will be issued to the not-for-profit Room to Read Australia, focused on girls' education and children's literacy in Asia and Africa.

The sandals are available in black and natural leather for men, and blue, black, green, red, yellow and natural leather for women.

QMC is proud to be showcasing these sandals during the 30th anniversary Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 24-27 May 2018. The whole team will be present on stand #40 in the pavilions, with the Submariner sandal’s founder Mike Todd.

“I joined the British Royal Navy nearly 30 years ago and I still have the sandals I wore every day working on the submarines. We used the Royal Navy design to produce a hard wearing sandal perfect for the Australian summer ideal whether you are going to work, on a Sunday morning stroll with a coffee or catching up with friends,” says Mike Todd, Founder of Twodeck Brand.

Twodeck Brand began in July 2017 and has the ambitious goal of one million pairs of san-dals sold and five million books delivered to Room to Read Australia in the next seven years.

The sandal retails at $149.95, but will be available during the show at a show special price. a price that ensures each partner who is apart of the production process has a fair and equita-ble ability to ply their trade legally and ethically in their own country. From factory to con-sumer, price discrimination is carefully monitored.

The sandals are made in Portugal and shipped to Australia. Following the launch in Austral-ia, the sandals will be launched in the UK and the USA for their 2018 summer.

Duncan Curnow from QMC added ‘We are really pleased to bring something new and differ-ent to this year’s boat show. Everyone who has seen the sandals just loves them and with the added colour should sell quickly. Based on market feedback at the show, we will decide on the sandals future direction’

About Twodeck Brand
Twodeck Brand is a social enterprise producing handcrafted one style fits all sandals offer-ing customers high quality and comfort. And, through a melding of fashion and philanthropy, Twodeck Brand is helping to improve girls' education and children's literacy in Asia and Afri-ca by donating five books for every sandal sold to Room to Read Australia. Because every-one deserves to walk the same path.

About Quality Marine Clothing
Launched in May 2017 to service the apparel needs of the marine industry. Founded by a couple of stalwarts in the industry they now outfit the majority of the larger marine companies and boats through Australasia and growing. Any brand, and numbers nothing is too hard and if they haven’t got it they will find it for you to complete ‘your look’.

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